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Records Hub: Keep Everything in One Place

Streamlined Efficiency at Your Fingertips!

Simplify your real estate operations by managing all aspects of your business in one place. Our platform provides everything you need for streamlined efficiency. Stay organized, save time, and focus on growing your real estate empire with a single, convenient solution that puts all your tools and data at your fingertips.

Personal Information

Effortlessly manage your agents' personal information records with our intuitive platform. Store, access, and update essential data such as contact details, professional knowledge, social media profiles, and emergency contacts all in one secure location. This streamlined approach ensures that you have all the information you need at your fingertips, making it easier to support and manage your team. Enhance efficiency, improve organization, and gain peace of mind knowing that your agents' personal information is well-managed and easily accessible.

Onboarding Tasks

Efficiently handle onboarding tasks with our comprehensive platform. Upload and manage essential paperwork, meet onboarding requirements, and keep track of employment records and educational credentials, all in one secure location. This streamlined process ensures that all necessary documentation is organized and accessible, making it easier to onboard new team members quickly and effectively. Enhance your onboarding experience, improve organization, and ensure compliance with ease.

Boards & Associations

Our platform includes agent records, PREC details, E&O insurance, MCE certifications, and Fintrac information. Additionally, you can keep track of real estate boards and associations, including license numbers and expiry dates. This comprehensive approach ensures that all critical information is organized, up-to-date, and easily accessible, allowing you to maintain compliance and streamline your operations. Enhance efficiency and stay organized with our all-in-one solution for board management.

Commission and Office Fee

Keep track of all your commission plans and office fees in one convenient place. Our platform allows you to record commission plans and office fees, as well as upload related documents for plans and expenses. Additionally, you can manage credits for marketing packages, business cards, for sale signs, and agent referrals, along with any associated documents. This streamlined approach ensures that all financial aspects are organized and easily accessible, enhancing efficiency and keeping your records up-to-date.

Documents & Files

Documents & Files belonging to the agent can be uploaded in this area, including contracts, promotional materials, listing paperwork, and more for easy access. You can view, download, and email files directly from this section, giving you complete control over your documents. This ensures that all essential paperwork is organized and readily available, enhancing efficiency and convenience in managing your real estate business. With robust document management capabilities, you can easily keep track of and share important files, ensuring seamless collaboration and communication.

Family Information

The optional Family Information section allows the broker to gain insight into the agent's family members, including dates of celebrations. This feature fosters deeper connections by enabling the broker to send greetings on special occasions. By recognizing and celebrating these important dates, brokers can build stronger, more personal relationships with their agents, enhancing overall team morale and camaraderie.


The Interests section allows the agent to list their personal interests or for the broker to note them. This information can be valuable for personalizing interactions and strengthening the broker-agent connection. Sharing some of these interests with the agent or sending gifts based on their preferences fosters a sense of understanding and appreciation between the two parties. This personalized approach enhances the working relationship and builds a more cohesive and motivated team.


The Celebrations feature allows the broker to stay connected with the agent by keeping track of their holidays and special occasions. Once the occasions are selected, automated greeting eCards will be sent to the agent on the chosen days without any effort required from the broker. This ensures that the broker doesn't need to remember any of these dates, and the greetings will be delivered to the agent as if sent personally from the broker's email address. This thoughtful touch helps maintain strong, personal connections effortlessly.